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I really struggle doing this at night, and keep leaving it until the end of the day. I know if I squeezed it in earlier it wouldn’t be such a fight for every word. Still, here we are.

Questions about composting: how much does it matter what the inputs are to the outcome of bacteria and fungi? Is it more about timing and how it’s managed?

Questions about dung and landscapes: how are mammalian and soil microbiomes coupled? How long do linkages take to form? How do they track (or fail to) over time, with precipitation, temperature, and changes in vegetation? Do animals in different stages, e.g. lactation, breeding, old age, couple differently?

Questions about applying compost to landscapes: what is the geographic range outside of which a given compost becomes economically unfeasible to apply? Or impractical, or a net source of emissions? What is the basis for thinking there would be a shift in plant community from compost application alone?

Can I go to bed yet? Yes.

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