Glyphosate-Induced Epigenetic Inheritance of Pathologies

This is a really important paper because it clearly indicates that consumption of glyphosate (in this case, by rats) results in disease that are passed on not just to the next generation (e.g. mother to offspring) but to subsequent ones, too (e.g. to grand offspring and even great-grand offspring) via sperm mutations.

While it’s a very dense read (a lot of biochemical and genetic terms most will be unfamiliar with), key areas to pay attention to are:
• high levels of significance in differences in disease incidence (see bar graphs in Figures 1 & 2), and
• the schematic in Figure 7 that illustrates how germline (spermatic) mutations are passed down from mother to subsequent generations.

I’ll need to come back to this one with more time and attention but the findings are very clear that RoundUp as a product and glyphosate in general needs to be taken completely out of public use.

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