Glyphosate-Induced Epigenetic Inheritance of Pathologies

This is a really important paper because it clearly indicates that consumption of glyphosate (in this case, by rats) results in disease that are passed on not just to the next generation (e.g. mother to offspring) but to subsequent ones, … Continue reading “Glyphosate-Induced Epigenetic Inheritance of Pathologies”

Human domination of the global water cycle absent from depictions and perceptions

Created a single water cycle diagram and compared with 464 WCDs from around the world “Although human freshwater appropriation now equals half of global river discharge, only 15% of the WCDs depicted human interaction with water“ Almost none (2%) showed … Continue reading “Human domination of the global water cycle absent from depictions and perceptions”

Stability of soil organic matter under long-term biosolids application

What is plow layer? top 15-20 cm (control 15 cm, biosolids applied increase this by 15-20 cm); accounted for this by sampling up to 30 cm in amended fields mined vs. unmined soils loss of topsoil due to stripmining in the … Continue reading “Stability of soil organic matter under long-term biosolids application”

The Carbon Controversy of Christine Jones

14 May 2019 Note these were my quick thoughts on the matter, and this issue would do well with a much deeper, nuanced and well researched (and cited) article, the writing of which I haven’t gotten around to and likely won’t for some time. Thanks to Christian Stalberg for alerting me to the rather terrifying reality that someone besides my mom and a few close friends might be able to find this site before it’s really organized and ‘put out there’. I’d welcome comments, feedback and your thoughts in the comments below, or email me at [susan] dot [cousineau] at []. Thanks. Dr. Christine Jones is raising some ire. In her workshops, such as that held at Paicines Ranch in early February, she contends that because carbon dioxide comprises just 0.4% of the atmosphere, while water is … Continue reading “The Carbon Controversy of Christine Jones”