My ‘home lab’ with Dr. Rebecca Ryals at UC Merced conducts research on grazing and compost, particularly in biosolids waste management. Past and current collaborations include Dr. Jason Rowntree, Dr. Sasha Kremer of the SOILS project in Haiti (composting toilets), Dr. Richard Teague at Texas State A&M, and Dr. Whendee Silver from the Marin Carbon Project at UC Berkeley, among others.

Drs. Cynthia (Cindy) Daley and Tim La Salle conduct regenerative ag research and run the Regenerative Agriculture Initiative at California State University (Chico). 

Dr. Richard Teague at Texas State A&M University conducts research on adaptive management and Holistic Management in grazing systems, particularly through the Jornada Ecological Reserve.

Dr. David Johnson, at New Mexico State U and more recently, CSU Chico, conducts research on compost bioreactors and applications of compost derivatives at farm scale.

Dr. Fred Provenza is now an emeritus of Utah State, but he’d be worth connecting with (or colleagues, or past graduates) if you’re interested in working on herbivore nutrition and diet selection, behaviour, and related themes. Check out BEHAVE for much more detail on his and his colleagues’ work.

If you’re looking to do graduate work in regenerative agriculture, or looking for a graduate student or lab to work with, these are all good places to start asking. 

Many more to come. Have suggestions? Email to Thanks!