Who Is

Hi, I’m Susan Cousineau.

Regen Ag Science is my private and public repository for research, questions, and event information that I come across from day-to-day, and in the process of my graduate research.

As a PhD student at UC Merced in the Ryals lab, I study regenerative agriculture topics. I, and we, am/are particularly interested in those relating to…

  • grazing systems
  • biosolids and humanure composting
  • agroforestry and silvopasture
  • soil hydrology
  • greenhouse gas mitigation, and
  • the economics of regenerative systems.

Somewhat peripheral to my scholarly research but from a more personal context, I overlap these topics with my interests in livestock and our shared evolutionary pasts with animals; behavioural connections between animals and humans, including shared communication patterns, e.g. aggression, dominance, submissiveness, curiosity; and practices related to low-stress stock handling and human trauma, e.g. somatic processing. Somewhere in there one might also find traces of my unexplored interests in ecotoxicology, and my past research in infectious diseases, indigenous tropical agroforestry, and entomology.

I encourage you to post comments, feedback, questions and links to relevant information, whether peer-reviewed or otherwise, including photos and tales from your own regen ag adventures. This reshaping of our human history requires a diversity of stories, empirical tests, perspectives, experiences, and innovations. My primary aim is to contribute to the wider sharing of this diversity to make regenerative agriculture the new mainstream; to redirect the trajectory of humanity on planet Earth; and above all, to rebuild the previously thin layer of topsoil that supports our very existence.

To those of you currently practising, learning, and innovating in this field: Thank you for your work.